What I do

I am an adventure photojournalist. I make pictures, videos and write--to capture stories that take place off the beaten path. This is content creation. I tell stories made for digital platforms that connect people to each other and spark the imagination .

I am a content strategist. I consult on media based projects that will engage your audience while telling the story that matters to you and demonstrates your vision to the world.

Why I am a story teller

When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 16 the doctors told me that I would never be able to live an independent, adventurous life. I would have to avoid risk and uncertainty. Hospitals and pharmacies would be my safe zones--not the high and wild places of the world.  A few weeks later, I was introduced to rock climbing in a high school gym class and I decided that if I could climb 50 feet, I could probably work up to 100 feet. If I could hike 1 mile, I could probably work up to 2 or 3.  I didn't know how I would merge a challenging auto-immune disease with a pursuit of the unknown. I honestly believed that there was something within myself that I would discover--out there in the wild--that the doctors well-meaning prognosis failed to take into account. 

What I discovered "out there" changed my life--and it's what I aim to share through my photography and stories. I discovered the value in adversity. There is an entire frontier of new possibilities within every person who seeks challenge with purpose rather than avoiding it. This is the heart of adventure and it beats in many ways. My own story will always lead back to the mountains--the pull of the abyss and the will to hang on just a little bit longer. This has shaped my passion for helping others discover and share stories from the front lines of their own conflicts. 

How I work

Hard. Early. Late--and everything in between. I work like your project is the ONLY thing on my plate--because it is. I have found that a laser-like focus is the difference between excellence and...everything else.