I'm Stephen Richert

I'm an adventure photojournalist.

For the last 6 years I've devoted my life to making photographs and videos that tell powerful stories about people working hard and playing hard outdoors. My work is candid and unposed; I shoot environmental portraiture in a documentary style that prioritizes minimal intervention. That's the way I live and it's why I'm a photographer; I believe in sharing the beauty of what is real. Simple. There is enough of the extraordinary all around us if we are willing to look for it.

Long before I picked up a camera, I spent years living and working in the dirt as a rock climbing and canyoneering guide in the American Southwest. This taught me to find satisfaction in the hard work and challenging situations that routinely arise when documenting ordinary people in extraordinary surroundings.

My goal is to show the beauty and inspiration of ordinary people facing adversity with fierce independence. I believe that hard work is more beautiful than perfection. This philosophy allows us an inroad to create something spectacular anywhere we choose to put effort into ideas.

I'm based out of Boston, MA but I'm happy to travel just about anywhere for your story. I take pride in serving the needs of my clients in relentless pursuit of solutions. 

Phone | Cell: 845.956.3208

Email: stephen@stephenrichert.com

Location: Taunton MA, 02780