End-to-end content creation Services

Content is king. It takes more than catchy visuals or snappy one-liners to engage your audience around your vision. It also takes a comprehensive vision of the storytelling process--from the idea to the execution to the final deliverables--and the platforms they will live on. I specialize in providing all of the above plus consultation along the way to make your content project deadline-efficient and optimized for your goals.


Still imagery is a precise tool that can bring your audience into your story in a visceral instant--and it's the mainstay of many social media platforms. I'll craft the very best quality images to serve your needs while leaving the smallest footprint possible along the way.

Here are some of the services that my photography is optimized for:

Books | Prints | Online Content | Social Media Projects | Commercial | Corporate Communications

Video+ Editing

Video is an incredibly dynamic medium to connect with people who are searching for your story. I'll capture the feelings and the mood that brings your audience right into the action. I offer end-to-end video production tailored to your needs as well as a la carte options for shooting, or editing as standalone services.

Here are some of the platforms and uses that my video services are optimized for:

4k or HD | Documentary Feature Films | Webisodes | Commercials | Online content | Social Media

Podcast Production

With more and more people consuming audio content through mobile devices, podcasts present a very intimate opportunity to connect with audiences. I offer audio capture and editing to tell your story as well as podcast integration and setup on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play to ensure that you reach the greatest number of listeners!

Social media & Blog Management

What if you have the content but need implementation across digital platforms to bring it to life and build relationships with your audience? I can manage and grow social media accounts as well as blogs--tracking engagement and growth as well as other KPIs using Google Analytics, Hootesuite and native platform analytics to keep your audience connected to you.

Here are some of the social and blog platforms that my services are optimized for:

Facebook  | Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat | YouTube         | Reddit | Wordpress | Tumblr